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A Feminist Graphic Genesis

After receiving a comment on my post on Victoria’s Secret underwear, I think I realize one of my goals in life is to make things better for the younger girls around me. I’ve always been attracted to feminism—not because I’m a lesbian (because I’m not) or because I hate men (because I certainly don’t) or because I listen to Ani DiFranco (…ok…I love me some Ani!)

(Actually I blame Geri Halliwell from the Spice Girls for making 8-year-old me run around screaming “Girl Power!”)

But seriously, let’s talk about Ani for a minute. She’s one of the biggest faces of third-wave feminism, and a positive one, in my opinion. Not only does Ani write powerful music, but she also writes poetry, runs her own label and is a mommy.  She’s got a song called “I’m No Heroine”, but I gotta tell you, Ani, you’ve got to face it—you are; just because you are human and have weak points like the rest of us doesn’t mean that your moxie should be marginalized in anyway. Much like another heroine of mine…

…And you’re probably thinking I’ve lost my damn mind. Ani DiFranco and Jerrica Benton? From Jem (the 80s cartoon)? For serious?

But let’s compare Ani and Jerrica’s strong points:

  1. Both of them perform music that they wrote themselves or with a band. Both creative types.
  2. Both run their own record labels—and had trying times getting to that place. Ani’s talked about struggles with big labels and Jerrica had that big bout with Eric Raymond in the first story arc.
  3. Both feel a sense of responsibility to the women/girls around them. Ani crafts inspiring messages in to her lyrics, while Jerrica runs a home for foster girls.

So how do I join Ani and Jerrica and making the world better for the women in the world around me? Well, what are my skills? I write well, I think I draw/paint well and I can make a bangin’ pistachio cake.

The cake won’t help me much, but I’ve been toying with the idea of a graphic novel. This will come to a shock to the people who didn’t know I like to draw (I’m really shy about it. This is something I’ll have to get over I guess.) Or maybe I’ll take it to an illustrator. I know for sure that I want to write a story that comments on the state of girls while introducing superheroines that are feminist friendly.  Wonder Woman is great, but there’s only one of her, and even she can’t make it past NBC.

(I heard that they cancelled it over negative reaction to the costuming. Is how Wonder Woman looks really that important? The show is called Wonder Woman—I doubt audiences will have any trouble determining who the show is about).

I think posting about the novel idea on here will keep me committed (my biggest issue with writing projects is committing to them). I’ve got a story outline done, so let’s go!

I’ve stated it. I believe it can happen. So let’s create it!