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You will never believe this:  a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Young Adult novel series is being turned into a big-budget Hollywood movie.

THAT NEVER HAPPENS! Just ask Harry Potter and the vamps from Twilight.

This time it’s The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins that’s getting the movie treatment. I’m pretty excited for it: The Hunger Games is darker than both Harry Potter and Twilight—It’s like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire meets Fight Club with a little bit of Z for Zachariah thrown in. It has the potential to be  an excellent movie.

However, both Harry Potter and Twilight did something so right that I think that the production team for The Hunger Games is already missing the mark for—casting. (The reason I’d heard about the Hunger Games movie was because of a blog post about the casting, back when Hailee Stienfeld was the favorite).

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter? Perfect. Emma Watson as Hermione? Even more perfect. And though I am deeply creeped out by them, Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson as Bella Swann and Edward Cullen? Perfect and Perfecter.

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen?

I think if you’ve ever posed wet in a bikini for Esquire, you’ve given up your right to play a 16-year-old girl.

But the casting directors (I hope) are familiar with the book, so why cast a 20-year-old for such a young role? My best guess is that they had problems with casting Peeta, the main male character.

Peeta is 18-year-old, blonde, smart, and the definition of good. Are there any 18-year-old hot-boy actors (with tween girl pull) that can rope in big money at the box office? No. The casting directors are wise enough not to cast Justin Bieber.

The closest thing they can cast are these early-20s, blond hearththrobby guys that keep popping up. There are a ton of them. Perez Hilton loves them. But due to their age, they have to age Katniss. But if they age her…it just isn’t The Hunger Games done right.

I think the only young actress who is even remotely capable of pulling this off is Chloe Moretz.

She’s tough (Kick Ass), smart (500 Days of Summer), dark (Let Me In), and proven that she can handle material above and beyond her age. I don’t care if you have to cast a 20-year-old blondie and it looks like pedophilia, CAST. THIS. GIRL.

But the casting won’t be the nail in this coffin.

The best thing that HP and Twilight had going  for them was the wild, inconvenient, absolutely-ridiculous-in-every-kind-of-way popularity preceding the film release. And while this battle of the actresses is garnering more attention for the movie, it’s not going to make an affinity as strong as a Twi-hard or a Pott-head. The movie has to be smartly cast and promoted to avoid whatever happened to Percy Jackson & the Olympians.

(Note: Stop trying to cast Alex Pettyfer. He’s not attractive. And he scares me. Cast an unkown and breed a new heartthrob—a charming, acting Bieber, if you will. And cast Chloe Moretz.)


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