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Valentine’s Day Movie Quote Love — About a Boy
February 11, 2011, 3:48 am
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Considering the fact that my last post pretty much spewed a crapload of anti-love vitriol, I should come out and say that I love Valentine’s Day. I really like the idea of love and celebrating it. I, however, don’t like being smacked in the face with roses, chocolate, and crotchless panties as symbols of what love is all about.

This is why I love this quote from the movie, About a Boy. The two main characters Will (played by Hugh Grant) and Marcus (played by Uber Pale Dorky English Kid) are having a conversation about the women they want in their lives. Marcus asks will what is the difference between a girlfriend and a girl that is your friend. Will says something along the lines of if you want to touch her. To which Marcus replies,

“I want to be with her more. I want to be with her all the time. And I want to tell her things I don’t tell you or Mum (NOTE THE MUM, HE IS ENGLISH) And I don’t want her to have another boyfriend. So I suppose if I could have all of those things, I wouldn’t mind if I got to touch her or not.”

Aaaah, the words from the mouth of babes. That single quote spoke more to me about love than any RomCom I’ve ever seen. Or maybe it’s because I’m PMSing. And I’m single. Before Valentine’s Day.

Ooooh, I’m a wreck. 😛


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This is a great post. I love defining quotes (and sometimes silent moments) where everything just clicks. It doesn’t happen a lot, but when it does, the movie is just so much more enjoyable. About a Boy is one of my faves!

Comment by deathandpeaches

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