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Sex and al Medina

I guess the true testament of good screenwriting is when you can go back years later and the writing still sounds fresh. In my opinion, that’s the case for Sex and the City. I just watched the episode where all the guys on the show are having ball issues.

Charlotte says,

“We’re having Trey’s sperm tested.”

To which Miranda replies,

“Is it not doing well in school?”

ZING! Witty greatness!

In light of Sex and the City’s awesome writing, my BFF sent me something that I still haven’t fully processed yet: Imaginary Lines from an Imaginary 9/11 Sex and the City episode.

“Meanwhile uptown, Samantha was having a few explosions of her own.”

“It was at that moment Charlotte resolved that if her fellow countrymen were brave enough to revolt against knife-wielding hijackers, the least she could do was take off her bra during sex.”

“Ooooh! Oooh! New Blahniks! AL BUYDA!”

“Later that day I got to thinking about Muslims and relationships. If I couldn’t even tell Big that I was upset about our dinner, was I really any more liberated than a veiled woman? How do we New York women take off our emotional burkas?”

Samantha: “Oh please, you don’t think he’s a little cute?”
Charlotte: “Samantha, no! How can you say that? He just masterminded the killing of 3,000 Americans!”
Samantha: “Probably because he hasn’t Bin Laiden in a while.”


I just don’t know how to feel about it. I want to laugh because it’s funny, but I don’t because it is so offensive.

(And all of this is crazy because on the original opening, Sarah Jessica Parker’s name pops up in front of the World Trade Center towers.)

I’ve got to give whoever wrote it credit; the lines do resemble those in the show, and I got a guilty chuckle out of the Samantha-Charlotte exchange. But there was so much guilt involved in laughing. It didn’t feel good. The whole concept is kind of tacky. It’s like a revival of Oklahoma! throwing a joke about the bombing in there.

The lines were good, really good, but so not funny at the same time. Sex and the City definitely was edgy, but it never dipped into grotesque. The actual show acknowledge 9/11 properly—I read somewhere that the episode I Love NY was an ode to the city, but also dedicated to the 9/11 victims or something along those lines.

Oh, the conflict!


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